Web Design

Websites are often the first impression you make with your customers, sometimes its the only way customers will interact with your business. Thats why its vital that you make the best impression possible with a modern, easy to use website that functions on all their devices.

There are many things you should expect from your new web design.

  • Mobile responsive to be viewed on all devices
  • Speed: users will leave slow websites
  • What makes you unique
  • Onsite SEO
  • Updated security and secure server
  • Analytics
  • Clear and easy navigation

Revelate, of course, offers all of these as standard.

A responsive website is important for 2 reasons.

1. Almost half of internet traffic is on mobile phones or tablets. Users expect sites to be fully responsive these days. If they’re not then they’re difficult to read and use and people leave in frustration.

2. Google uses the responsiveness of your site as a key ranking factor. If your site isn’t mobile responsive then you’ll fall down the rankings and lose out on valuable traffic.

Apart from getting a responsive site you can also increase the speed of your site. Site speed is another of Googles ranking factors, but even more importantly after 3 seconds people will abandon your page and move on to other sites. people are now used to fast loading websites and won’t wait for your site to catch up to expectations.

Its also the time you can improve on site navigation, your analytics, your site security and your conversion optimisation strategy.

Older websites are often not updated and have major security flaws that haven’t been fixed. And these same sites are often hosted on servers without standard security protections.

The head of the FBI’s cyber security division said: “I fear there are 3 types of websites, those who know they have been hacked, those who don’t know and those who will be hacked in the future.”

Often hackers will simply “lurk” on a site and sell information about customers on to marketers or credit card information to criminal gangs so you may not know if you’ve been hacked.

Site security is not only important to your customers but you can also be fined up €100,000 for breach of data protection laws if found to be negligent in securing customer information!

Revelate can deliver a website that has:

  • A modern design
  • The latest analytics for your social media, marketing and site traffic
  • Fully responsive for all devices
  • On site SEO
  • Secure hosting and security updates
  • Site support and training

Revelate creates fantastic websites and ecommerce sites for our customers. As you can see from this site, it loads fast, it looks great on mobiles, tablets or desktops and its easy to navigate.

We can work with you to give you a website thats embodies everything you want to say about your business. Our previous clients have all been delighted with their sites thanks to our dedication to customer satisfaction. And we think you will be too!

Make a good impression on your customers

Impress your customers, drive more sales, increase customer satisfaction.

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