Social Media Management

There are many options to connect with your customers these days: facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtube, google+, instagram, linkedin, reddit, vine, snapchat and others. Each of them has different groups of people using them and has strengths and weaknesses for business.

Social media connects you with your customers and allows you to directly contact people who you might otherwise never reach.

You can directly advertise to people who are interested in your service, increase brand awareness, increase traffic to your website and build relationships with customers.

Each social network has a different audience, some may overlap with your target customers while others won’t.

63% of Irish people use facebook and it covers most demographics in age, income and gender. Most of Twitters users on the otherhand are under 30. 75% of Pinterest users are female. So you can see that different networks are aimed at different groups. So its best to target the social networks where your customers are with the most resources.

Most social media networks allow some advertising.
Revelate will discuss with you your key customer profiles. What areas, age groups, gender, interests and any other demographics you feel are relevant. From there we will build out a social media strategy targeting your customers and potential customers complete with a content plan to help build your following.

This strategy will increase your following on social media, and promotion of your promotional content and increase your sales.

In todays inter-connected world having a strong social media presence is as important as having a website. Customers expect to be able to communicate directly with you in a way that suits them. If they can’t they may just go to your competitor instead.

Revelate can manage all your social media for you including your social advertising. We can prepare a custom plan for your business and increase your engagement and your sales from your social media networks.

More engaged followers means more sales

Revelate has more than tripled some of our clients followings and increased leads by up to 650%. We can help you too.

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