Google 360 Virtual Tours

Stand out in your search results while also giving your potential customers an even better idea of your business. People respond best to visuals and Googles 360 tour can bring your business to life in a very real way for customers making a decision on who to purchase from.

A virtual tour allows prospective customers to “walk” around your premises online. Through specialist photography dozens of photographs are combined to allow people to see the inside of your business without leaving their home or office. You can see an example in the video further down the page.
Google will give a boost to any company featuring this on their search result profile as it gives their results page more information for customers.

Its also beneficial for customers to give them a better idea of who you are as a company. The benefit to retail outlets, restaurants and other consumer facing businesses are obvious, but many B2B businesses are using them to highlight the strengths of their business too.

The tour can be featured on your site as well as Google so any prospective customers going to your site directly can also use this feature.
Our cameraperson is Google trusted and has done dozens of these before so you know you’re in good hands. Revelate can then set up your virtual tour and have it included in your site and on your Google search results.

The virtual tour can drive extra traffic from Google to your site, and more visitors means more customers. Consumers are spending more time shopping and researching purchases online and allowing them to see your business gives them a better idea of who you are and what you do.

For consumer facing businesses it can be particularly helpful. Being able to see the business strengthens a customers connection to your business: retailers can show off the size of their store, or the range of selection, restaurants can highlight the atmosphere and all businesses can use it as a way to show who they are as a business.

Increase your customer engagment

Featuring a Google Business Interior View will grant you an instant advantage over your competitors.

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