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Google AdWords was a revolutionary step forward in online advertising. For the first time you could have your ad appear right when customers were searching for your product. Instead of hoping your ad would be relevant customers looking for your business could be directed straight to it.

For Google AdWords we can select keywords and phrases that prospective customers use that are related to your business. You’re only charged for the service when a customer clicks on your ad and goes to your site.
94% of B2B customers research online before making a purchasing decision. For the first time in the U.S. most consumer purchases are now online with 51% and Ireland is closing the gap fast.

The competition online is growing and getting your brand in front customers can help you take advantage of the increase in online research and spending.

Google AdWords essentially works like an auction. For example 40 roofing companies may want to advertise on the phrase “roof repairs”, but only 4 will get featured at the top. Everyone bids an amount that they think represents fair value.

Google then combines your bid with your quality score and uses that to decide who gets the coveted top spots. For keywords with many searches the ads in these spots will rotate around the top bidders so you may appear in teh top some of the time, but lower down on others.

Google knows that its AdWords will only be effective if people find them to be useful. To encourage this every ad/campaign/company gets given a “quality score” from Google. If your quality score is high, then you pay less. If your quality score is low, then you pay more.

For example: O’Reilly’s Roofers bids €2.00 on “roof repairs”. They have a great website that their customers find easy to use and their ad campaign is well set up so Google gives them a quality score of 10. €2 x 10 = 20.

Smiths Roofing bids €3.00 on the same phrase. But their website is poorly designed, not mobile ready and customers find frustrating to use. Their campaign has been set up poorly and has no landing pages. Google gives them a quality score of 2. €3.00 x 2=6.

Despite Smith being willing to spend more O’Reillys Roofing will get the top spot because its in Googles interest to send customers to great sites through well set up campaigns. In fact Smith, with a quality score of 2, would have to bid €10.50 to feature above O’Reillys.

At Revelate we have managed campaigns for B2B and B2C customers. We can perform research to target the keywords and phrases that are most likely to result in sales and ones which are undervalued by your competitors.

We constantly monitor the campaigns to make our bidding strategies effective. And we will also help manage your quality score to ensure you pay less for your AdWords advertising.

A smart Google AdWords campaign will draw in customers that would not have otherwise found you and direct them to custom landing pages to increase the chances of making a sale.

Google AdWords can be a powerful tool to drive customers directly to your website exactly when they’re looking to make a purchase. Let Revelate take away all the hassle by managing your quality score, bidding strategy, testing of different ads, keyword research and ad creation. And we can also manage retargeting to keep you in front of customers for longer decision cycles.

Over 97% of searches in Ireland are done on Google making it the perfect platform for irish business. And since you only pay for people who click on your ad, you only get charged when you get the benefits!

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