Email Marketing

60% of businesses find that email marketing is their most effective marketing channel. In fact Salesforce calculated that the average return for companies using e-mail marketing is $44.25 per $1 spent. Done badly email marketing is an annoyance, but done well, email marketing makes you more valuable to customers and increases your sales.

Email marketing involves sending emails to customers to keep them updated about your business, inform them of sales or offer discounts.

We’ve all gotten these emails and ignored many of them or even unsubscribed from them. However, when done well, email remains the most effective way to convince customers to shop with you again.

  • 77% of people say they prefer to receive promotional material by email than through social media or text.
  • 70% have bought items as the direct result of a promotional email.
  • 82% of people open mail from companies they view favourably

There will always be some people who don’t like promotional emails, but studies consistently show that when it’s done well it’s incredibly effective!

Email marketing is a low cost, high reward strategy. You can keep customers informed of changes to the business, give notice of any upcoming sales, promote new products, engage with them or simply send discounts to encourage business when you need it.
Revelate has run many successful email campaigns on behalf of Irish businesses. We have the experience and the knowledge to know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve delivered tens of thousands of additional revenue for customers directly from our campaigns.

And we will carefully manage your email list to ensure that your customers are never irritated by the marketing and have a clear option to unsubscribe if they wish.

Whether you’ve been sending emails for years or you’re a first timer, if you have an email list ready to go or need help starting out Revelate can help. We’ve taken over failing campaigns and helped companies build strong campaigns from the ground up.

Revelate have the experience to know how to send emails that work. Subject lines, time and day of sending and how to present the email content all effect how well these campaigns perform.

Keep your customers informed

Repeat customers are the most valuable. Don't ignore them after the sale, keep your brand front of mind for their next purchase!

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